The Folque Co-op's Music Program

In early 2013, the Folque Co-op established a community folk orchestra based in Lewiston-Auburn. This affable multi-generational ensemble – which numbered over a dozen musicians ranging in age from pre-teens to, shall we say, ageless – was spawned under the enthusiastic direction of Doug Protsik, a seasoned musician equally adept on fiddle, piano and accordion. He worked with the members of the folk orchestra to build a repertoire of music which reflects Maine's cultural heritage in particular, from jigs-&-reels to two-steps to waltzes and more. The membership of the orchestra continues to evolve, with spin-offs and subsets of the original group charming audiences of all ages at a variety of venues throughout the local community and beyond, appearing under a variety of whimsical names depending on the occasion, such as "The Sizzling Shamrocks" for St. Patrick's Day events and "Les Bijoux" for Franco-related (and many other) activities.