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  Feisty Barny: Doug Protsik composed this tune in 2011, and describes it as "a lively, fun jig inspired by the newest member of our family, Feisty Barny, a Maine coon cat extraordinaire who arrived with boundless energy and gumption, so we named him Feisty for his personality and Barny because having come from a barn he smelled 'barny" (cow manure) for weeks. The tune is modeled after classic 'down east' style jigs in that there is a typical key change in the second part." The Night Bird: Doug says "In 2006, when returning from an incredible cultural exchange tour to Algeria with Old Grey Goose International and hearing a mysterious bird singing in the late night as I returned to my own home and bed, this tune popped into my head. It employs a classic technique in which the fiddle is intended to imitate other sounds (like various birds in the tune 'Mockingbird' or a train in 'Orange Blossom Special') and also features a full range of notes typical of many classic tunes composed on the fiddle."  

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