Filmed 5/19/12 at a community dance party held in Chase Hall at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, this clip features portions of two separate traditional French Canadian social dances. The first is " Calveniche," a contre danse. The second segment shows the circle dance "La Bastringue," which originated in Quebec as the final part of a five-part quadrille and later migrated to New England where it became popular at the old-time country dances. Calling the dances (from the dance floor) is Cindy Larock from Lewiston, who studied French-Canadian folk dancing with noted Quebecois dance master Benoit Bourque through the Maine Arts Commission's Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program. Performing the music is Benoit, on accordion, along with Maine fiddlers Greg & Jessie Boardman, Hannah Rodrigue and Rebecca Grube, guitarist Don Cunningham and clarinetist Steve Gruverman.