Members of the Great Falls Folk Orchestra joined forces with Ten Strings & a Goat Skin in a concert presented on Dec. 29, 2013, at the UU Church in Auburn, Maine. The folk orchestra is a multi-age community group based in the twin cities of Lewiston-Auburn (which are bisected by the Androscoggin River and its scenic "Great Falls" waterfalls), and Ten Strings & a Goatskin is an award-winning young French Canadian folk trio from Prince Edward Island. In this clip they are playing a medley of the old-time American classic "Red Wing" (aka "Union Maids") and "St. Anne's Reel," which is considered the unofficial national fiddle anthem of French Canada as well as Franco-American communities throughout New England. Lewiston-Auburn is home to one of the largest populations of Franco-Americans in the the U.S., with thousands of Quebecois and Acadians having immigrated from Canada during the early 1900s to work in the many local mills powered by the Great Falls and the adjacent canals. While the Great Falls Folk Orchestra is a multi-ethnic as well as multi-generational ensemble, a third of its members are of French heritage, and the group is strongly committed to preserving and promoting the Franco-American musical traditions of the region.